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Development quickstart


Windows OS

This guide assumes that you are using a Linux or MacOS. For Windows, please use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Installation Steps:

1. Fork the repository on GitHub

2. Clone the newly forked repository to your local machine.

replace <your-username> with your GitHub username
$ git clone<your-username>/akasha-world-framework.git

3. Change directory to repository's root

$ cd akasha-world-framework

4. Install dependencies

$ yarn bootstrap

5. Build the application

$ yarn build:all

Running the application

From the root directory run:

$ yarn start:feed-app

Visit https://localhost:8131/ in your browser.


We are using a self-signed certificate for localhost. You will need to accept the certificate in your browser.

Congrats! You're ready to start developing. Let's start by creating a super simple app.