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Welcome to the AKASHA documentation

Explore how to build amazing integrations using AKASHA Core (applications, widgets and plugins) and create unique experiences in the Akasha World.

What is AKASHA Core?

Today, AKASHA Core is the open-sourced framework for building and distributing composable web3 apps, serving as the foundation for our microblogging site, Akasha World. By providing this framework, we expect developers to have the opportunity to build and innovate in this decentralized social network ecosystem.

With AKASHA Core, we make it easier for people to create and sustain social technological spaces we call Worlds.

AKASHA integrations


Applications are standalone components that complement and extend your web3 social network experience.

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Allow Ethereans to perform quick actions or access small pieces of information using widgets.

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Explore using AKASHA

Explore integrations built with AKASHA

All Ethereum World integrations are open source. Explore them whenever you want to get inspired or learn.