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An Antenna is a feed of beams sorted in chronological order and can be tailored to user's interests.


A Beam is the equivalent of a regular post (in a traditional social networking context) however the content of the beam is composed of one or more content blocks which are provided by apps.


A Profile depicts a user's persona in a given world. It holds their avatar, basic info and list of beams, interests ad connections with other users in a world.


A Reflection is a comment made under a beam or another reflection.


A Tag is a word that uniquely links to a group of posts relating to a specific interest or topic. Beams can be filtered using tags.


A world is a web3-powered modular social platform. Every world can have a predefined (installed by default) collection of apps and widgets. The config file of a specific world is defined under the worlds directory. For example, config file for Akasha World can be found here