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Errors and Toubleshooting

Error when running yarn install or yarn build:all for the first time

> YN0002:
root-workspace-0b6124@workspace:. doesn\'t provide @testing-library/dom (pa2b9f), requested by @testing-library/user-event.
> YN0086: Some peer dependencies are incorrectly met; run yarn explain peer-requirements
> <hash> for details, where ‹hash› is the six-letter p-prefixed code.
> YN0000: L Completed
> YN0000:
> r Fetch step
> YN0018: one-webcrypto@\#commit=5148d14d5489a8ac4d3822387002db15a2382: The remote archive doesn't match the expected checksum
• YN0000: L Completed in 12s 138ms
YN0000: • Failed with errors in 12s 412ms akasha-core git: (next)

This is related to the yarn version. Most likely you have a different yarn version installed globally.

Execute the following command in the root of the project:

corepack use [email protected]